Home, an encounter with art

Invitation to join an art-project at the galerie arche in Hameln


What are we looking for?

We are looking for refugees, asylum seekers and locals from the city of Hameln or the county of Hameln/Pyrmont, which are curious in general, love to express themselves in an artistic way or even want to learn more about it.


What is this project about?  

The main aspect of this project is to meet, connect and get to know each other through the language of art. Therefore there will be four workshops at four weekends where the participants will deal with the subject “Home”. These experiences and the following artistic work will lead to a public presentation that will be shown on the following Friday.


When does the project happen?

Phase 1: The participants find objects, that symbolize Home for them and present these objects on the following Friday.
Friday 08.1.16, 6 – 9 o’clock (p.m.)
Saturday 09.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)

Sunday 10.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)
Friday 15.1.16, Meeting at 6 o’clock (p.m.), Performance at 8 o’clock (p.m.)

Phase 2: In this phase the focus is on movement. Which dances, jumps, gestures and behavior belong to the feeling of being home.
Saturday 16.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)
Sunday 17.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)

Friday 22.1.16, Meeting at 6 o’clock (p.m.), Performance at 8 o’clock (p.m.)

Phase 3: We will look for the sound of home. We will recall noise and songs, sing, make music and will create layers of Sound which will form a “soundsculpture” that we will show in a life performance..
Saturday 23.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)

Sunday 24.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)
Friday 29.1.16, Meeting at 6 o’clock (p.m.), Performance at 8 o’clock (p.m.)

Phase 4: The way for new and old things to a man’s/woman’s heart is through their stomach. We will find the taste of home in its different ways and invite to a party where all senses will be activated.
Saturday 30.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)
Sunday 31.1.16, 1 – 6 o’clock (p.m.)
Friday 05.2.16, Meeting at 6 o’clock (p.m.), Performance at 8 o’clock (p.m.)


What are these public presentations about? 

An art performance is a presentation in which everything is possible. The participants of the workshop will follow a sequence, which corresponds to the actions of the presentation and will be determined before. There are no special abilities needed. The participants will not play or learn a role, in fact all actions are happening in real-time. The centre of the presentation is the room of the “arche” (ark). There will be performers and spectators. Even the spectators can change into performers.
An example: In the first art performance all participants will place one object which they have found to be representative of their home in the space of the arche. They try till to find a place where this object really fits in this special surrounding.


Who is the audience? 

Friends and acquaintances are invited. Everybody who is interested from Hameln and everywhere can come.


What is happening furthermore?  

All workshops will be documented. Photos, videos and audio recordings will be made. Out of this material a weekly growing exhibition will be assembled. If they wish, the participants can be part of the camera and cutting work of the documentation.
Public discussions will be held after each public performance.

You and everybody in the internet can follow all results and events at the internet in a blog.


Where is this all happening?

All of the workshops and art performances will take place in the rooms of the arche e.V
Kastanienwall 1


Who will be in charge of the workshops? 

The workshops will be led by the artist Birgitta Martin and the singer/performer Cornelia Hellbrügge. Both artists benefit from a longtime experience of leading artistic workshops with following performances.


What if I do not understand the language?  

All workshops will be attended by an interpreter.


What if I do not have time at all weekends?

If you cannot come to all of the workshops, that is o.k.. But you should attend at least more than half of it.


Who do I turn to, if I am interested or have questions? 

Birgitta Martin (German and English): 05045-912202 or
Cornelia Hellbrügge (German, English and French): 0151-46717821 or
All Informationsin all languages can be found at facebook. Look for „Begegnung – Heimat“ and You will find it. You can write posts or subscribe for the project.

All Workshops are at no charge and free !
First meeting on Friday, 18.12.2015 in the Galerie arche, Kastanienwall 12, Hameln

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